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the obama campaign as centralized as any of them but right now they are able to measure the certain types of volunteer interactions and campaigns are willing to see a little bit of control and not assume the message is always best processed and carried through the mail that's designed in the headquarters but that there is a benefit to having people talking to people especially if you have done the difficult invisible work when and what and the campaigns are still waiting in. i look at the obama campaign inouye and i think that they were quite good at sort of molding the left brain and right brain approach to the modern campaigns and the will to spend lots of money and data and field staff and i think looking through that is one of the things that this grant be the most important figuring out how the campaigns, it's certainly true online how they can balance their need and desire for control to control their message, centralize their tactics and strategy but also maximize the energy and talent and value of their supporters doing things on their own to other voters. >> host: i would imagine
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1